Up close with... Ruby

A brief chat with our Ambassador Ruby!

What do you like about the Spot Stop?

Ruby: It's so light - but the subtle eucalyptus and thyme smell tells me it will work. I don't get spots often, but when I do, if I get them quick they're gone overnight.

How do you use the Spot Stop?

Ruby: Just a quick pump and a dab on the area after my Tier for teens routine and I'm into bed or out the door.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ruby: Love to hang with my friends in town. Love sport - all sport. There's normally a ball going through a hoop somewhere in my day. Netball and basketball are my favourites.

What's your favourite thing about the city you live in?

Ruby: Wellington's awesome - easy to get anywhere. I can walk into town in 20 mins - to the waterfront or up to the windmill. Photo opportunities everywhere! I travel a lot because my Dad lives in NY - but always love to fly into Wellington - there's nothing like our beautiful harbor.

Have you got any advice for teenagers?

Ruby: Be kind! I love my friends - always prop them up and show them you have their back. Take care of your skin and be confident. Tier for teens, sunblock, lots of water is all you need for your face... Ummm and Mac makeup! Thanks Mum! 

Kushla Porter
Kushla Porter


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