Up close with... Luca

A brief chat with our Brand Ambassador Luca!

What do you like about the STEAM?

Luca: I really love how it calms your skin down, and is also some time out for me to relax.

How do you use the STEAM?

Luca: It's easy, it's pretty much like boiling yourself a cup of tea. You need a big bowl and boiling water. You the drop one of your STEAM bags into the water. I wait a while, until it has steeped, and then but my head over the bowl and cover myself with a towel, to keep the steam in.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Luca: When I'm not dancing, which does take up a lot of time out of my week, I like to catch up with friends and watch movies.

What's your favourite thing about the city you live in?

Luca: Definitely the summer time, the BBQ's are always the best, and how easy it is to catch up with friends!

Have you got any advice for teenagers?

Luca: To make sure you start looking after your skin from a young age. Even if you have really good skin it's still super important to make sure you look after that part of your body. 

Kushla Porter
Kushla Porter


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