Key Ingredients

Glorious Green Tea

In traditional Eastern medicine green tea has been recognised for its therapeutic qualities for centuries……here in the West we’ve been somewhat Johnny come lately!  However, better late than never and at NELLIE TIER Green Tea is one of our favourite ingredients with a power of goodness packed into every tiny leaf.
Blessed with so many good qualities – Green Tea is naturally rich in a group of anti-oxidants called polyphenols that help neutralise the damaging effects of free radicals.  It works hard to help eliminate toxins and give a much needed boost to overworked and tired skin cells. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties it protects the skin from environmental damage and can help slow the signs of aging…it also cleanses and tones.  We just love it and in NELLIE TIER we use GREEN TEA extract in many of our products.
Don’t forget a couple of cups of GREEN TEA a day is excellent for your health and some used tea bags and a little ‘lie down’ does wonders for puffy, swollen eyelids.

The Original Painkiller - White Willow Bark - salix alba

WHITE WILLOW BARK – salix alba
The bark of this remarkable plant was used centuries ago by the Ancient Egyptians to ease aches and pains, to treat headaches and to reduce fevers.  Those Egyptians certainly knew what they were doing.   The active ingredient in White Willow is Salicin, a form of Salicylic Acid. Sometime early in the 1800’s Italian pharmacists discovered how to synthetically produce Salicylic Acid in the form we now know as ASPRIN.
White Willow Bark is included in all but one product of our TIER FOR TEENS range and is in our view...
A natural exfoliator it helps remove dull, dead surface skin cells revealing newer cells and softer, smoother skin.
 It helps control sebum and unblock clogged pores.
It helps clean up the bacteria that causes acne.
 It reduces inflammation and helps improve skin condition.
It helps protect the skin and repair damage.
Many commercial skin products contain synthetic Salicylic Acid in ‘breakout’ skincare products. At TIER FOR TEENS we use only natural ingredients, and White Willow bark can be found in:    
STEAM – liquorice & calendula, WASH – lemon balm & white willow bark, SPRITZ – lemongrass & sageSPOT STOP – eucalyptus & thyme and MASK – burdock & crushed rose