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HIBISCUS FLOWER – hibiscus sabdariffa
Just the sight of a hibiscus bush in full, stunning floral display is enough to transport my winter head to the tropics. However, this plant offers so much more than pretty flowers and holiday fantasy.
Traditionally HIBISCUS has been used for all manner of aches and pains – from colds to indigestion. Among other things it’s thought to help lower blood pressure and to stimulate hair growth!
At TIER FOR TEENS we harness the magical powers of hibiscus for the benefits it offers at so many levels in our skin care range.
Full of ANTI-OXIDANTS hibiscus helps protect the skin from damage. 
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ASTRINGENT hibiscus helps soothe and calm inflamed skin and diminishes the size of the pores. 
Hibiscus has high mucilage content and is a great moisturiser.
Best of all it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). These are the wonder tool in helping exfoliate the skin and speed up cell turnover. They promote firmer, smoother skin leaving it looking fresher and more flexible. Synthetic forms of  AHAs are included in many skin care products – they can be quite harsh and damaging to the skin.  At TIER FOR TEENS we prefer Hibiscus as the natural alternative.  We include it in our STEAM – liquorice & calendula, SPRITZ – sage & lemongrass, MOISTURE – hibiscus & raspberry leaf and MASK – burdock & crushed rose
Give it a go and dream of the tropics!

Kushla Porter
Kushla Porter


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