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LIQUORICE ROOT –  Glycyrrhiza glabra
This is one of our favourite skin care ingredients. Liquorice root is a traditional herbal remedy and a remarkable natural ingredient which adds some wonderful qualities to our natural TIER FOR TEEN range.
 It has strong ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.  It will help soothe and calm troubled skin by reducing inflammation and swelling.  At the same time its use will limit the production of irritants that contribute to skin conditions like acne.
  This is a very potent ANTI-OXIDANT likened to Vitamin E in strength.    It will help protect the skin from breakouts and help repair skin that is already damaged.  It has the effect of smoothing and brightening the skin.
Liquorice root helps control oil production, it fights bacteria and improves cell regeneration.  It’s amazingly effective in fighting acne and is a perfect ingredient to include in products used for sensitive and allergy prone skin.
Our TIER FOR TEENS range is formulated using natural ingredients and LIQUORICE ROOT can be found in the following products. STEAM – liquorice & calendula, WASH – lemon balm & white willow bark, MOISTURE – hibiscus & raspberry leaf and SPOT STOP – eucalyptus & thyme

Kushla Porter
Kushla Porter


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